Spring Clean-Up

We’ve certainly had an interesting few months weather-wise. From a major flood to 70 degree sunny days, we’ve seen just about everything Kentucky can throw at you in the months of February and March. But now that we’re headed into Spring, it’s time to face realities: Spring is almost here, and so is Spring clean up. With all your yard has been through over the winter, there’s plenty of work to be done around your yard, & Newton’s Outdoor Services is here to help. Here’s a checklist to use to get your yard back into shape for 2016.

 The first step is work on your shrubs & trees. Over the winter, tree & shrub branches are exposed to a lot of wind, cold & snow, so pruning back any damaged branches can help encourage healthy growth. Summer flowering shrubs need to be pruned now, but hold back on spring blooming shrubs until after they flower.

Next are your perennials and grasses. Perennials need to be pruned about 4-5 inches, with ornamental grasses needing only 2-3 inches to encourage spring growth. Make sure were soil has thawed to thin out crowed beds, so your plants don’t have to fight each other for soil or sunlight.

Most people know to rake leaves in the Fall, but it’s also important for Spring. Dead leaves and foliage can smother healthy plants and encourage disease to spread, so make sure to clean up anything that sticks out. It’s also a great time to put down fertilizer on your newly cleaned yard, especially with all the rain we’ve had. Fertilizer plus Spring rain equals healthy roots and maximum bloom time.

As far as your lawn goes, grass will start growing soon. With turf, make sure to remove any damaged patches, while working in new seed, along with your first dose of fertilizer and emergent crabgrass treatment.

Your walkways and patios could use a little TLC. Make sure to rake any escaped gravel or stones, and fill in any holes or depressions made by the snow and ice. If any pavers have moved out of place, make sure to remove them and fix the base material first, for a snug fit. A good pressure washer with a lower pressure setting can help remove any slick spots or stains from patios and walkways.

This should get you ready for spring time barbecues and patio get togethers. If you need help with this, Call us at 270-559-8342

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